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How to build an efficient website to get leads?

Your 2 keywords: digital strategy and customer experience.

Connected retailed: 5 raisons why you need a website

My name is David from France, and I am an entrepreneur forever. In life, I am a webmarketing consultant.
I work in France, India and Thailand.

If you can stay more than 2 minutes on my blog, you’ll learn from my blog all webmarketing techniques and tricks that allow you to get leads from your website to expand your business.

I am passionated about customer experience, profitability, strategy, business optimization, SEO, WordPress
I live half the year in India and Asia (because I have clients such as Toyota and Renault) and the other half in France; my business is fully optimized to be nomad, as light as possible. Want to know how?

They are connected business women and men,
they trust my company Eurodia synergy

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The webmarketing blog

Marketing, strategy, WordPress, SEO, … everything to expand your business at 200%

Online event: Webmarketing by David Levesque

Online live event: How to get more customers from Internet?

Digital enterprise >

How to build a successful internet communication? Lots of tools and knowledge are needed. It’s possible to really expand your business with a minimum investment. What are the methods, tools and the secret cocktail to success your business?

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How to expand my business with Internet? – video 18

Video: How to expand my business with Internet?

Digital enterprise >

Do your communication tools are efficient? Today from Marseille, I give you the 2 keys to success with your website & marketing.

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Airbnb startup and the head team

Video: the amazing Airbnb startup story

Movies >

The AirBNB’s story is really amazing. As entrepreneur or startuper, you should know about it. This story inspires a lot and gives you more energy to go ahead: attend to my meetups every where in the world!

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How to create your website as marketing strategy

5 top reasons why a website is always successful for your business – podcast #017

Digital enterprise > Digital strategies >

A website, even a simple one, is a powerful asset totally ready to serve your enterprise’s marketing strategy. 5 top reasons why.

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How to create a website as a marketing strategy? Infomal talks at Ranchi, India

Informal talks at Ranchi (India): How to create a website as a marketing strategy?

Digital enterprise > Digital strategies >

The new way to install a brand identity: you will combine the synergy of your company and the Internet advantages. Informal talks, free, cool and fun!

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How to create an efficient marketing strategy?

How to create an efficient marketing strategy? – Podcast #16

Marketing > Marketing strategies >

Marketing is tough? Time consuming? The new methods from science may greatly help you! Attend my free meetup at Ranchi (India)!

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