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Amerjeet Yadav, Mum&me floor manager, success our career – Good morning enterprises of India – podcast GMEI5

Published on 24 December 2014

I welcome Amerjeet Yadav, the floor manager of the shop Mum & me at Ranchi and how he handle his career. I will focus on the psychology, the training, skill needed to success our career. This interview has something nice.

Welcome to business interview, good morning enterprises of India!
Today, I welcome Amerjeet Yadav, the floor manager of the shop Mum & me at Ranchi.
And we will focus on the psychology, the training, skill etc needed to success our career and to be floor manager. This interview has something nice.


May you introduce yourself?

And may you give us an introduction of your company, products?

How you came to sell kid items?

And what about your studies?

What was your career dream?


How you became floor manager?
And what are your previous experience before?

How we learn the skills needed to become floor manager?


According to you, in which psychological profile we must be to become a store manager? And what is the psychological profile of a good store manager?

Survive and success a career in India is difficult. Although follow a linear career. How we should behave to stay in the right path?


What was your vision of the life at 15 years old?

What are doing your parents? In what the career of your father is an example?

What was your dream and plan at 20-22 years old?


Can you summary 3 points, 3 things you have learn to reach your actual position?

How you maintain your motivation?


Amerjeet may give us what is the 3 qualities must have a floor manager to success?


Are you doing some meditation?


The absolutely very nice answer of Amerjeet Yadav to conclude this interview, a perfect summary to achieve projects

Today you are 27 years old, which advices you would like to give to the kid you was at 20 years old to success better and faster?


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