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How to drive an NGO in India, interview of Mr. Aaron Pozo from US – podcast gmei 10

Published on 19 February 2015

Create an NGO in India is not easy... And to develop it in a sustainable way is more difficult again. But despites all, the results are very rewarding.

The couple Mr. and Mrs. Pozo come from US, California. They leaved their comfortable situation from US to develop their NGO in India, Living Springs. This NGO manufacture products from soya, very healthy (very high in protein, very low in fat).

In this interview, learn how Mr. and Mrs. Pozo manage their NGO in India:

  • What was their plan and business model when they reach India, and what is their business model today;
  • How came the idea to create an NGO in India and how they have done it;
  • How they develop their NGO: what is doing their NGO exactly;
  • How they improve their products, to match the local demand and local Indian culture;
  • Which future they imagine for their NGO in India, how there are preparing it;
  • Aaron Pozo shares about the difficulties there are facing, and which solutions they have setup,
  • What are his frustrations, solutions found…
  • How and why it is necessary to create NGO in India,
  • Get direct advices from Mr. Aaron Pozo if you want to come to India – for leisure or business;
  • And, I dare ask the question:do you think India needs help from US and Europe? India isn’t able to change by herself? India isn’t able to change from her own motivation?”
    The answer of Mr. Aaron Pozo is very interesting.


I have previously done an interview of Mr. Aaron Pozo, and you can listen it here.

To contact Mrs. And Mr. Pozo in India:

LinkedIn page
NGO Name:
Living springs
Phone: 91-829-4634205 and +919199870495
Address: VILLAGE CHACHKOPI, POST TUKO, PS BERO, Ranchi – 835202, Jharkhand, India