[y]For your client, what you think doesn’t matter.[/y] What you love doesn’t matter. Only what clients want and like is matter. What is the main desire of your prospects?

This question is at the heart of any marketing strategy. Maybe you thought to create the need on your market. [y]Have you a billion $ to waste for it?[/y] Don’t try to create the need: it is the toughest thing to do! Instead, do a survey to understand not satisfied needs from your prospects… and just use them for your marketing messages and argumentation.

How many entrepreneurs I have met who don’t apply those basic steps, and the magic tool, the conversion funnel!

3 points to transform your marketing approch

This guide explains the 3 majors questions you should ask yourself and demonstrate why. This is all about science : how the mind gets and analyses the information.

  1. The I’m god vs You’re the king, or I/We vs You
  2. When your subconscious mind says “buy, buy, trust me”…
  3. Who is my client? The relationship is everything…

8 steps for your marketing to answer these questions :

  • How to get closer to your prospects… and to prepare them… BEFORE to show the gun…
  • How to show the gun to sell…
  • How runs the conversion funnel & sales pipeline
  • Sales funnel: the importance to measure the conversion rate and why
  • The tools to measure successfully
  • Whatever your communication strategy, [y]which tools to check the efficiency of your communication[/y].