When you find the truth through your heart – between India, Thailand and France

In order for you to know with who you are in discussion, I feel that it would be appropriate that I start off by introducing myself.

My name is David, I am 30 years old, and I am originally from Cévennes (1 hour away from Montpellier, France). My father is a farmer and my mother is an artist.
Where I grew... Valbonne, Cévennes (France)

When I turned 15, I went into the trading sector. In my early 20s I opened up my first IT business. Then a second one…

In 2013, I went bankrupt. I was back at square one. At the time, I was living with my partner who was from India. I then decided to join him in India. I took off for India on June 27th 2013.

The following year will be complicated, violent, revolutionary, yet transcendent and transformative. India will reinvent me. I will revisit my human relationships, as well as with time and money.

I spent 3 years in India. I have an apartment in Ranchi.

My flat at Ranchi, India

My flat at Ranchi, India

My life in India brought out my real self, which is exactly what I wanted. Since my teenage years, I have dreamt about being able to convey, to teach, and to share a passion – I have an old dream where I see myself hosting a conference, in a big amphitheatre with thousands of people. 

I intimately believe that human beings are good; I am passionate about history, behavioural psychology, NLP, and photography.
I love to support people to push their limits.

Love India for the limitless photos I can clic :)

Love India for the limitless photos I can clic 🙂

I made this my profession in 2013. My mission in life is to help each and every entrepreneur to succeed in business. My mission in life is to support you to reinvent your everyday life. Live your passion, win in freedom, be independent, and believe in serenity and fulfilment.
Gain your client base, build your reputation, use web-marketing, etc.

Furthermore, my project from now until 2022 is to create an accelerator for Franco-Indian-Thai entrepreneurs I love travelling and I spend many months of the year in Asia.

My office at Aix en Provence, France

My office at Aix en Provence, France

The objective of this accelerator is to facilitate friendly exchanges, which fuse together creativity, energy, generosity, learning and success.
I am currently at the first stage which consists of creating an online community with BusinessTemple, an area of resources for entrepreneurs.

So yes, I am also a human like you: I have my phobias, my difficulties, my failures – I went bankrupt in 2013, living in India is not always easy and I hate all documents to do with administrative formalities.
I am talking too fast; there are many things that I do not understand… For example, I have a hard time in understanding public transport systems! I feel like I should tell you: do not be scared of your vulnerability. It is your best friend!

An unexpected consequence from my journeys is the change of my lifestyle. I became a walking computer – I only need an Internet connexion and my laptop to work.

Better yet, I live with the bare minimum. I live literally with 2 suitcases: one weighing 35kg for everyday life, and the second 15kg for professional equipment.

Here all my mobile studio for the nomad digital that am I

Here all my mobile studio for the nomad digital that am I

For 3 years, and every month of the year I support 60 entrepreneurs in accelerating their business. For 2 years, I have been publishing on this blog my daily broadcast « Parlons Business (Let’s talk business) », followed by 3500 entrepreneurs.

I welcome you to My business to 200%!

Are you scared of creating your own business?
Do you want to gain a wider client base?
Do you want to understand what is stopping you from progressing?


/// Some more content will come here. I will explain my vision, insights and method to grow your business. ///


What you will find in My business to 200%

Are you happy with what you have read so far? Well then, from now on, go further with Business Temple. I will support you day by day aiming towards your success, using 4 topics:

  • Discover which kind of entrepreneur you are: amplify your self-confidence, understand how to put yourself forward, and understand how to sell yourself…
  • Build on your business: get to know your clients, create a successful knowledge, and find your economic model
  • Build on your sales: learn how to sell yourself, and learn how to stand out
  • Build on your business by using web-marketing/growth hacking: sell online, use blogs, e-commerce and lucrative advertising… the 21st century transforms everything

My work is reserved for those who are the most motivated. Here, my way of working is not quick and simple like fast food, it is long and requires effort; you have to work for success. 

You will not find a magical secret recipe. Adapt yourself to what I give you and apply it. Insight. Work. Exigency. Creativity. Independence. Listen.


Everyday you must absorb yourself in a positive and energising mind-set. Everyday I publish my daily broadcast « Parlons Business to 200% (Let’s talk business) », YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud.

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A private space dedicated solely to entrepreneurs – Business Temple

This private space, Business Temple is dedicated to entrepreneurs who are driven.

Business Temple is a set of lectures that will help you in revealing the true entrepreneurial fighter in you!

There are: resources, a set of instructions that teaches you how to save time, libraries, guides, tool files, private materials, and events…

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A motivated and motivating community

The broadcast « Parlons Business (Let’s talk business) », every month is followed by 3400 entrepreneurs (Oct. 2016), and I support more than 60 entrepreneurs each and every month.

Week after week the community is growing. My objective: to form a big family who understands one another and shares ideas!

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More than 100 events every year

Physical events in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Lille, and Paris…and in Asia: New Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangkok…

Conferences, workshops, brainstorming sessions and lunch…

There are even a greater number of opportunities to meet inspiring people and who aim to enrich themselves. Some events are open to the public, and others are reserved for those who are members of Business Temple.

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The LIVE YouTube broadcasts – reserved for members

I very often organise LIVE broadcasts on YouTube, during which I discuss a subject in depth.
For example, how to create effective business cards.

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Individual coaching

At times, the best way to move faster and to do things well is to have one to one coaching. In other situations, you need some resources, which you do not manage. For example, preparing the marketing launch of your new product, gain clients through Facebook, or quite simply, let someone advise you regarding your strategy.

To support you in accelerating to 200% is my job: prepare yourself to be a bit shaken up:

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Interventions with specialists – NLP, hypnosis, sports coaches…

My desire is to introduce you to strategies, which will help the growth of your business. This therefore applies to getting over your phobias, changing your way of reacting, working on a healthy way of life, etc. I have therefore built a strong team of professionals, who will also support you.

I regularly publish interview-videos of my team of professionals.

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