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I born into a chestnut

Get the help to earn more with the right webmarketing expert. Become a web entrepreneur. I'm an entrepreneur since always and I love pragmatism.

Let’s introduce ourself…

Where I come from?

I’m French and I grew up in the Cevennes in Southern France. My father is a farmer who specialized in growing chestnuts the organic way and my mother is a professional painter (aquarelle, pastel, …).

My Teenage Years: Fresh Application Developer

Exactly! I got into computers by creating software. When I was a teenager, my parents said “A computer is not for games but to work. If you want to play, play outside the home”. I must add that my parents live in the countryside. My parents didn’t want me to stay in my bedroom in front of a screen all the time. So instead of playing games, I learned programming, web development and designs on my own.

… a little pocket money…

While studying I earned my pocket money by selling IT services: mainly training and troubleshooting. This way I discovered what marketing really is. Hence, I studied marketing strategy, communication and ad design.

…then a computer retailer…

As soon as I completed graduation, an opportunity came in at the right moment and I accepted it: I opened a local shop in Gard (France). Then I opened a second bigger shop after 2 years.

It was truly a rewarding period: managing a business needs you to be versatile and it offers a variety of tasks. No time to get bored, you must be creative! So I went on!

… To webmarketing consultant

Today, I focus on a job that suits me more. I love the application development and data management, strategy, marketing and communication. I realized a long time ago that the current business model of local traders is at the end of the race.
So, in the year 2013, I created a new enterprise to propose digital strategies and consultancy services. By chance I met a friend, who is an Indian. He allowed me to expand my business internationally. Today, I am working for the French, Indian and Taiwanese companies.

A strong conviction: ecology

I grew up in a wonderful area of the Cevennes. I was born into a family of farmers who specialized in organic farming and ours was a social atmosphere. So simply I can not avoid thinking about what is happening in our world of today!

The environmental issue is fundamental and mandatory for me to be concerned. In the next seventy years, I would like to die on our Earth, which will be cleaner and more sustainable than today – to add I am offended seeing the present human behaviour.

Companies must proceed in two steps: First, they must optimize their impact on the environment without transforming their business model (Eco office, telecommuting, recycled paper / paperless office, cabling etc.)
Believe me, the social & economic benefits are very important!
Then the second step is to question the basis of the business model itself: it is good to have a sensitive and ecofriendly business, but the interest of your approach is limited if you continue to sell non- organic vegetables or jewellery.
The idea isto build abusiness modelthat takes into accountthe environmental impact ofproducts sold.

Example: Organic vegetables or jewellery manufactured locally.
I like to have the opportunity to publish articles about it!

I do more than only marketing in my life… What I love

I like practical, thoughtful and ergonomic things – like that is said!
I really like a lot of different areas of subjects, not just IT!
I spend my time reading, documenting, navigating from one book to another from Psychology, Marketing to Economics.

I listen to a lot of opera and classical music. I am also an amateur photographer and I love clicking beautiful pictures. I also love movies with beautiful colour images and strong & emotional story lines.

I am also an environmentalist and I love nature and greenery. Hiking is a favourite activity of mine too, and I enjoy near a riverside while listening to music. There is nothing like a large festival meal that I enjoy in France. I miss it when I am in India. Yes, I love to cook and eat!

My daily work

I’m always on my own. Today I am the CEO of Eurodia synergy, which provides consulting services in digital strategy, design and application development.
I work with Bhaskar Kachhap. I also work across different countries.

So, why this blog about webmarketing?

We can say that I am an evangelist of digital strategies. Ooh!!! It hurts a lot to see that many companies have gold underfoot, but because of their false beliefs, lack of skills and methods they fail to develop peacefully.

We often hear about digital strategies, but rarely for small and medium enterprises. I would like to propose methods and tips directly to these ignored SMEs.

Why visit my blog again?

I will propose articles which are going to help you to develop your business! I am strict: my writings are always accurate and concise with verified data.
I am very open minded and I’m not sold to a brand or a company. I am free to write my own conviction!

Hosting & rights

This blog is open from August 2014 and is hosted by OVH – an excellent French company. I am using WordPress to publish.

About the content: All Rights Reserved. If you want to reproduce an article or a part of an article, you just need to contact me and act according to my response on the same.

A suggestion?

Bienvenue! Of course, if you have any comment, suggestion, idea, critic, please don’t hesitate even for a minute to share it with me. I am open to feedbacks!
Post your comments on this page.

How to contact me,

You can contact me through the contact page of this blog.

Else, you can follow me on social media:

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