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5 top reasons why a website is always successful for your business – podcast #017

Published on 6 October 2015

A website, even a simple one, is a powerful asset totally ready to serve your enterprise’s marketing strategy. 5 top reasons why.

How about increasing the power of your communications in one afternoon a week?

The new way to install a brand identity: you will combine the synergy of your company and the Internet advantages.
Even if you think you have a small business, even if you do not have a website today, even if you have no budget
You can develop a genuine digital communication strategy even if you have no technical knowledge of the Internet … even if you have no budget! Take action now!

Use digital communication tools

Digital communications, or Internet marketing is the use of techniques and systems to promote your company or yourself on the Internet.
The online communication may have several objectives, for example:

  • Capturing new customers;
  • Developyour branding, your reputation, your leadership;
  • Maintain contact withyour current customers;
  • To promote a product, a special offer, an event, to target specific prospects or customers;
  • To sell directly (e-commerce, or pre-order product to be withdrawn in your premises)
  • Toprovide after-sales service,
  • To disturb your competitors,
  • To divert your competitors’ customers…

Understand: Internet allow you to do everything. Only your imagination can stop you.

But to success on Internet, it’s very important to understand what you expect from Internet. You need to draw at least a small strategy. Else, it will be almost impossible to reach your target.
You will sunk under tasks to do and you will lose your initial objective: to get business!

Each objective requires its own strategy, specific web pages, a different vocabulary, a precise action plan…

But don’t be afraid: no digital strategy is perfect! Even not mine of course. But you can improve your digital strategy step by step.
So go ahead!

And useless to tell you: all companies that stubbornly refuse and reject digital strategy are lost. We are in the 21 first century!

What are the different tools to communicate on Internet?

You have a lot of tools to communicate and to run an amazing digital strategy.

Let’s have a tour of them. I can’t list them all of course, so let see just the more common ones:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • A community page, as Facebook and Google+
  • Professional networking as Viadeo, Linkedin
  • Social sharing: Flickr, …
  • Marketplace: elance

Why your company must have its own website or blog?

The first use of course, of a website & blog is too show you are existing, and to communicate your primary information as your industry sector and services introduction, address, phone number… (it’s call a showcase website).

Obviously, a website can be used for example to:

  • Present in details your offer and its valued added,
  • Invite your prospect to contact you directly,
  • To nurture a long term relationship with your customer,
  • Create interaction with visitors by using games, surveys, special offers…

And what about a blog?

The purpose of a blog is quite different: by publishing regularly posts (videos, audio, pictures, articles…) you really nurture a special relationship with your audience. A blog strategy gives lots of results.
In fact, a blog is the perfect tool to get new prospect with no hard work. Because of your articles on your blog, when people tape something related to your topic in google, your website come in the first page. And that cost you nothing.

A blog is perfect to prove your expertise, your professionalism.

5 Unexpected benefits to have your own website

#1 Statistics

Even if your website is just a showcase, you can learn a lot from it about your customers!

When a company has its own website, we connect to the website a tool that collect data from visitors. The most common tool to collect and analyse them is Google Analytics.


And, one another tool from Facebook. It’s a pixel to collect complementary data about the audience.

Just these 2 tools provide to your company a very important information about your customers’ habits, behaviors, interests…

#2 Connect deeply with customers through Facebook

Yes… Facebook is your friend, more especially if you have a B2C business. By creating a website and a Facebook page of your company, you can reach easily the people who share interest about your offer with the advertisement tool of Facebook.

Put a Like button on your website. It’s quick, free.

I would like to add: until you don’t have your website and Facebook page, people can’t share about you. It’s obvious, practical but must be mentioned.

#3 get used with digital strategy now

If you think to know nothing about Internet and digital strategy, don’t worry! To open a simple website as a showcase for your enterprise is a fantastic beginning! You will learn the basic of website creation.
And step by step, you will improve.

Get that point: you don’t have the choice to go on Internet. It’s better you take the initiative than to fight against online competitors… and lose!

#4 to build a mailing list and communicate faster

With your website, you can collect your prospect and customers emails with tools like Aweber or Mailchimp.
You can send at any time some promotional or information emails. Of course, useless to tell you that your customers don’t register to receive stupid and ugly advertisements. They want real message with value added.

Imagine: you have a simple website that capture your visitors’ emails.
You have a list of few thousands emails. Tomorrow you launch a new offer. You just need to prepare a nice web page to present your offer and an email that links to it.
Send your email to your list. That’s all. All interested people are informed.
And the best: with audience statistics tool like Google Analytics, you can see who click on the email, what your audience like or dislike on your web page; and so you can understand what need to be improved to transform more prospects into customers (it’s called conversion funnel).

#5 A website is almost free. Not your booklet/store/showroom

Frankly speaking, it’s the greatest advantage of a digital strategy. A website cost almost nothing. Of course, if you want to promote your business in a serious way you need to invest a minimum. But still it’s less than to open a booklet.

Of course, you have to keep in mind where you can find your prospects, where is your customer segment. Obviously, a lot of industry need a showroom, booklet, store to sell. But the real question is “how I can reach out more prospects with less investment?
My answer: your prospects are probably not in front of your door… event not in your street… but they are watching their phone or laptop screen….

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