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8 steps to get today your scientifically based marketing strategy

Published on 27 January 2015

Transform each prospect into a client! Conversion funnel: your new way to push away your competitors by using a clever marketing strategy process! And download the guide, step by step to go ahead now!

Updated in Sept., 2015

Your new way to push away your competitors by using a clever marketing strategy process! And your magic tool: conversion funnel is here…!

[y]For your client, what you think doesn’t matter.[/y] What you love doesn’t matter. Only what clients want and like is matter. What is the main desire of your prospects?

This question is at the heart of any marketing strategy. Maybe you thought to create the need on your market. [y]Have you a billion $ to waste for it?[/y] Don’t try to create the need: it is the toughest things to do! Instead do a survey to understand not satisfied needs from your prospects… and just use them for your marketing messages and argumentation.

How many entrepreneurs I have met who don’t apply those basic steps, and the magic tool, the conversion funnel!

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The I’m god vs You’re the king, or I/We vs You

[y]That is a proven way to make your client to pay more attention to you.[/y] Many scientific studies show it. It is useless to say “I have that product to sell. How I can sell it?”. It is 10,000x times more powerful to ask ourself “who is my client? What is his main life problem/need?”.

[y]We consider the client’s problem-need-solution required instead of “I/we-have-that”.[/y]

And I have made this mistake myself for a very long time… think about yourself: how many times are you using I, We, Our, My… : “My NGO does that…”, “We propose healthy products for…”,We are setup since 3 years”… “First we looked for…
All this sentences should go to trash. Your prospects and clients don’t need to know you are the #1, he doesn’t want to know about what you are proud or sad of something. He wants you to take care of him, [y]he wants you understand his problem, he wants a solution to solve his problem.[/y]
Each time you use I, We, our, My… replace it by ‘you’.

Example #1:
We propose healthy products for… => For this health problem, we propose…

Example #2: when you go to the vegetable market, you don’t buy tomatoes because the lady or the guy tells you “Hey! I’m the #1 of this market” or “Hey! My farm is opened since 2002. I have a lot of experience”.
But he says “Hey! Organic tomatoes, pesticide and chemical treatment free” or “Hey, what do you want to cook? For gravy dishes, I suggest this variety of tomatoes, for salad use those one”.
What are you thinking at this moment: “He knows me. He helps me.”.

When your subconscious mind says “buy, buy, trust me”…

That is the magical touch. Again, it is all proven: it is called neuronal marketing. I come back about my tomatoes retailer: when he says “Hey, what do you want to cook? For greavy dishes, I suggest this variety of tomatoes, for salad use, those one”, [y]your subconscious mind considers you are already buying[/y] because you are already choosing which tomatoes to choose that suppose you are in the act to buy: to do a graevy or a salad?

This technique has a name : [y]the concept of presupposition.[/y]
From the retailer side : I presuppose that guy wants to buy me tomatoes. From client side : the subconscious receives a message like “buy your tomatoes here”. So the prospect goes to next stage of the sale: he chooses which tomatoes he wants.
The client is now in the purchase stage: to pay is just a formality.

When your sentences are able to do that effect, you won. If you say directly “buy my tomatoes”, you will have a thought like “why is he forcing me to buy his stuff?”.

And you can reach that level ONLY buy speaking to your client with his problems, needs, expected solutions… and his language. [y]And after, price, options, features don’t mater![/y] See why in this ebook!

Who is my client? The relationship is everything…

Before to create your products and services, this question must be answered. And it is all about psychology, environment, needs, life’s problems. More you understand those points, more you can build relationship.
I mean : more you understand the prospects & client more you can shape your argumentation accordingly. Why?

Because for each psychological situation, environment, need, our potential client will use a different verbal & non-verbal language, he will visit different places, will have different preferences.

Ask yourself…

  1. So the first question is : who is my target market?
  2. Then, you have to ask yourself about your market target :
  • [y]What are the 3 main problems they are facing in their life?[/y]
  • Where are they going to do their shopping?
  • What is their food taste?
  • What is their environment, religion, vocabulary, believes
    and mind limitations?
  • And you have to do a social portrait (age, sex, works/industry sector, financial situation, life style, psycho status …etc).

Now, you know who are your prospects and their needs. We call it in marketing a persona. Never forget this concept.

Download the eBook to read the next and learn…

  • [y]How to get closer to your prospects…[/y] and to prepare them… BEFORE to show the gun…
  • ..then how to show the gun to sell…
  • How runs the [y]conversion funnel[/y] & sales pipeline
  • Sales funnel: the importance to [y]measure the conversion rate and why[/y]
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  • Whatever your communication strategy, [/y]which tools to check the efficiency of your communication[/y].

[y]Go ahead now![/y]

Download now the eBook, with a lot of examples, with [y]step-by-step[/y] process included to empower your strategy today!
By this afternoon, your strategy will be more efficient !!!

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