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Business woman & women rights, interview of Mrs Shabnam KHAN – Good morning enterprises of India – podcast 7

Published on 10 January 2015

Business woman and women rights: do a career as a woman in India. Mrs Shabnam Khan, a marketing counsellor at Mum & me. An interview about women condition [...]

The business woman – Namaste! Welcome to business interview, good morning enterprises of India! Today, I interview Mrs Shabnam Khan, a marketing counsellor at Mum & me.
Today, I will do an interview about women condition, women career and they can get their place in the modern India society.


May you introduce yourself and your background?

What was the dream of young girl you was at 15 years old?

What was the mind setup of your family, sisters/brothers? They was agree that you work?

When you was teenager then after a young adult, what was the women’ right limitations? How have you fight it?

How you start to work to become a business woman?

I suppose you are married: at what time you got married? And your husband was agree that you work?

How you started your career?

Which difficulties you faced at this time, and which solutions you have found?
And which difficulties as a woman? Solutions?

What are the things who changed the most here, at Ranchi, and in India?

How you turned this transformations in advantages for your career, your life?

So, you have spent 10 years in hospitality. What was your work exactly?

And today, where are you working? What is your mission?

And today, can you say women rights are well balanced?

Do you consider women are free to do what they want?

Example: the mother of my business partner, have done studies and wanted to go to Germany when she was a young adult. But she cancelled because she got married. This situation happen today, very often. What do you want to say about it?

Do you think is normal that women have to cook, maintain home, do all the homework etc, and husband just seat and eat?
Of course, the goal is not to create war between men and women. How we can help people to change their mentality?

Safety in India for women

Another point: Unfortunately, women safety in India is not the best. Rape are a big problem. Why?
Why men feel so free to do this crime?

Something like 10 months ago, one story shocked me a lot. In the north of India, the Sulabh International NGO gifted 100 toilets to the village Katra Shahadatganj. Because in rural zone, women haven’t toilet and have to outside of village, and taking risks. A lot of rape cases.
Me, being French, I don’t understand how a small village can accept it. How citizen can stay silent. Don’t moving ahead. Everyone is afraid. How, the husbands of those families accept that their own wives get rape without any protestation. Because in a small village, people know everything.
My question is: what is it this mentality to protect men at the expense of health and respect for women?
My second question: India has the power to finance toilets. But instead people may prefer to buy luxury car from corruption. What is your point of view?

How we stay confident as a woman to face the real life? Which tools are you using?

Business woman and career: how to success

For people who listening to us, may give them 3 advices to success in their career?

And, for the young ladies who are listening to us, what you want to advice to them to get more freedom, a better rights balance and independency?