Success your webmarketing strategy with these 3 vectors: Authority, Trust and Traffic

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If you get why these 3 keys are so important to acquire and activate customer, your website will be very more efficient.

Online live event: How to get more customers from Internet?

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How to build a successful internet communication? Lots of tools and knowledge are needed. It’s possible to really expand your business with a minimum investment. What are the methods, tools and the secret cocktail to success your business?

Video: How to expand my business with Internet?

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Do your communication tools are efficient? Today from Marseille, I give you the 2 keys to success with your website & marketing.

5 top reasons why a website is always successful for your business – podcast #017

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A website, even a simple one, is a powerful asset totally ready to serve your enterprise’s marketing strategy. 5 top reasons why.

Informal talks at Ranchi (India): How to create a website as a marketing strategy?

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The new way to install a brand identity: you will combine the synergy of your company and the Internet advantages. Informal talks, free, cool and fun!

Your blog’s name changed!

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Creating a blog is easy! Don’t wait until everything is perfect to start. Where some adjustments along the way on the blog are needed…

What is the Digital Business – Gartner – video

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Gartner’s digital business research examines what is driving this convergence and how IT leaders can take their place among the digital leaders of the future.

Digital transformation – IBM – video

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Businesses today are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation.