How to create an efficient marketing strategy? – Podcast #16

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Marketing is tough? Time consuming? The new methods from science may greatly help you! Attend my free meetup at Ranchi (India)!

8 steps to get today your scientifically based marketing strategy

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Transform each prospect into a client! Conversion funnel: your new way to push away your competitors by using a clever marketing strategy process! And download the guide, step by step to go ahead now!

Neeraj Kumar : the unexplored customer experience, Ranchi – Business Interview

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Today, I’m lucky to interview Neeraj Kumar, the manager of a jewelry shop at Ranchi. This shop opened only few months ago, and it is running very well. Let’s go to understand the business secret of this manager.
I want to say… Neeraj Kumar, a specialist of customer experience. Listen carefully, because Despite appearances, his analysis is very developed.