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How to create an efficient marketing strategy? – Podcast #16

Published on 3 October 2015

Marketing is tough? Time consuming? The new methods from science may greatly help you! Attend my free meetup at Ranchi (India)!

Marketing is a wide topic and very often a headache for entrepreneurs. An efficient marketing strategy requires to master a lot of different elements. And even if you have the right marketing strategy, your teams need the right skill to apply it…

Today, because of neuronal science and psychology, we are able to greatly improve the efficiency of a marketing strategy. You can adapt your products design, communication tools, pitches, behaviors according the psychology of your prospects & customers.
Because of these new sciences, you can decrypt the behaviors of your prospects and customers: what they watch, check, decline, buy, interactions…. From all these data, you can build a behavior model for each customer segment. And so to improve your marketing strategy because you know them better and deeply.
That’s 2015!

So of course, you need a good method and organization to success to understand your customers:

  1. Setup a system to collect the behavior data
  2. Learn how to analyze these data
  3. Go ahead by implementing new points on your marketing strategy

And frankly speaking, it’s hard to collect data and analyze them! Hopefully, some tools are very easy to master and use. Some are free!

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