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Informal talks at Ranchi (India): How to create a website as a marketing strategy?

Published on 6 October 2015

The new way to install a brand identity: you will combine the synergy of your company and the Internet advantages. Informal talks, free, cool and fun!


Get a chance to meet me and talk about [y]How to create your website as marketing strategy?[/y]

The real purpose of my blog is to help you to grow your enterprise. Of course, it’s tough for everyone: I don’t know for you, but some time you miss some technics, methods or some inspiration.
For that I’m organizing a fun Meetup: How to create your website as marketing strategy.

This meetup will be at Maplewook at Ranchi, india.
I will be so happy to talk with you!


[y]More details about the date, time, place and to register before to come:[/y]


If you see that article and the event is over, check on my Meetup profile the next planned events 🙂

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