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Realize and move your mind limitations – Podcast 001

Published on 5 January 2015

Do you know mind limitations? Tell me: why you don't achieve your own goal? What are the things lock you down? It is called mind limitation. Here few questions to help you to realize your own mind limitations.

Hello! Do you know mind limitations? Tell me: why you don’t achieve your own goal? What are the things lock you down? It is called mind limitation. Here few questions to help you to realize your own mind limitations.

I wish you a happy new year, all my wishes for your success, your business!
And of course, thank you to listen to me!
This New Year, I would like something innovating for your business.

What is your plan for this New Year? What is your strategy to develop your business?
I bet that you have no written strategy.
If you don’t write your annual strategy, you go nowhere.

Example: when you take a cab, if you don’t say where to go to the driver, the cab doesn’t move. And the driver will tell you “hey you are nice but me i have to work, get out!

But if you give to the driver a destination where to go, your cab will drop you.

It is exactly the same for your life.
It is exactly the same for your business.
Of course it is not always easy to know exactly where we want to go. But at least, you have an idea.

So the purpose of this podcast is simple: help you to create a strategy for your business. And to follow it!

Be yourself

In business, it is very true: you can’t achieve anything if you are playing a role. Investors, suppliers, customers, partners, etc don’t going to trust you.

Don’t do what your parents or friends said you have to do.

So fuck what people think about you: don’t take care.
You have one life. Not 7.

Fuck your reputation. Reputation just satisfy egoistic things.
You are living for yourself. Not for your mother, father or friends.

If your friends don’t like what you do, they aren’t friends.


Dream a powerful tool. Is good to dream! Follow your mind!
Let your creativity helps you!


Find your highway

I suppose you drive a car or a bike. So, how are you choosing which road to take or not to take to go at your destination?

You have a goal. You see your destination.

To move in the life, it is like a GPS. The GPS needs to know where it is now (Point A) and where do you want to go (Point B).
Your life is the same: you need to know where you are now, without lie.

And where do you want to go? What is your dream?
Decide a destination: “I want to earn 10,000€ a month.“, “I want my company with X€ turnover“, “I want to open my shop of car tuning“. It is not crazy!

Do you know the website His founder, Marc Simoncini, start with almost nothing. His goal was “I want to be millionaire at 40yrs old“. And he became: when he sold his company, he won 182 million euros!

Don’t believe in fake magical things

It is not Jesus will give you food tomorrow. Nor lord chrisna will do that things for you. And that whatever your religion. You done the things that happened to you.

Luck doesn’t exist. You create your own luck. When you have luck that just means you was ready to welcome that opportunity. Nothing related to luck.

So forget church and temple. You temple is your library. Is meeting people who success.

What I want to say is that: you have to be aware of your mind limitation.

It was a time, something like 400 to 600yrs ago, when people believing that the earth was flat. And anyone who said the opposite, was beheaded.
But today, anyone know that the earth is round. Right?

So become aware about your mind limitations. In what you believe absolutely true, but in fact is not so true?

You think you can’t achieve that X project because you people will disapprove it? That is a mind limitation.