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Open space, a wonderful area where to work

Published on 21 November 2014

MOTIVATION. Open-spaces, open offices, where sharing is the rule. Human sized, brightly coloured, relaxing spaces. Everything leads to creativity, to empower employees.

Open space, more than a fad

We are accustomed to individual offices since a long time… But the trend is the open space. First reason for this trend: cost and scarcity of real estate in the city requires new methods to optimize the use of space.

But open space have many other advantages: “work in open space means more communication, responsiveness and teamwork” explains Philippe Meurice, Director of DEGW architects.

The open office environment, can also create a fresh air in the enterprise, a revival of motivation, a burst of creativity. The open space, is refocusing the human in the heart of the organization. The open space also erases the hierarchy to streamline dialogue.

We must of course prepare its teams, and ideally, and employees themselves have to prepare the future office layout open space to prevent fiasco and to have a high acceptance rate.

The open space for any business, regardless of the number of employees!

And contrary to conventional wisdom, the open space is not just for technology companies or start up. The open space is suitable for many businesses looking for optimization and more innovation.

Imagine the impact if your teams work in an open space. Your employees communicate more and better, the necessary information circulate between marketing and design products, between sales department and supply department. And this is just some examples. And the open space is especially relevant for small teams.

Example: you run a gardening business, you have 7 employees. Home and secretariat, accounting, procurement and sales. If this entire small world communicates better, you decrease errors, the needs and requests of clients are better managed, across the enterprise improves customer experience. Virtuous circle!


I let you discover in this photo gallery of examples of open space.

And post your comment to give me your preferences!