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Success your webmarketing strategy with these 3 vectors: Authority, Trust and Traffic

Published on 10 February 2017

If you get why these 3 keys are so important to acquire and activate customer, your website will be very more efficient.

Video podcast summary:

  • How you may approach in 4 steps your business strategy
  • The 3 keys to build efficient marketing communication
  • Why is so important to know very well your source of inspiration

English transcription:

Hey hi hello welcome to my business at 200%. I have a simple mission to help your company to grow with internet with web marketing strategy.
I am David from France, I am living half of the time in Asia Thailand and India. And I have very simple mission today.

Today, I will explain to you how you can organize your webmarketing strategy for the next six months.

So, I will not explain to you the whole webmarketing strategy but just give you the global shape. Because most often when I cross people trying to do something on internet with a blog, with a simple website, or with Facebook group or youtube and all.
Most often they don’t know exactly what they want to sell or how they will sell it.
What they will write, how they will speak about one topic, all that questions make you finally not visible online.
And I don’t know for you specially with your own company, your business, with your team and I don’t know what is your project.

You know, you have 3 things very important about webmarketing. Is to be visible, to have good relationship with your customer and to have finally to be able to transform your visitor into customer.  That is called traffic, authority and trust.

If you don’t have these 3 items authority, trust and traffic you cannot build a serious webmarketing strategy. So, in fact I read lot of book and I am following the big webmarketer in this world.
Also, I understood that you have 4 pillar/4 big steps to success any webmarketing strategy and the 1st one is the YOU, the 2nd big thing is YOUR OFFER, 3rd one is YOUR MARKETING and the 4th one your COMPANY STRATEGY.

Let me explain little bit : you, your offer, your marketing, and your company. YOU is what is your deepest commitment, your deepest endeavour – deepest mission you want to achieve in your life, your self-accomplishment.  What do you want to do to be completely happy. What do you love to do, like that when you reach the Friday day at the end of the week “ok I finish my week very completely happy of myself what I have done this week and all”.
It’s horrible to have sensation at the end of the week ah fuck I didn’t done anything what I wanted ah I missed the customer, I haven’t do good for this project, oh have didn’t given my best to this one… It’s not possible in the long term to live that kind of frustration.

ok so I propose you to avoid this frustration and that’s by starting to ask yourself what is my WHY. That is Simon sinek have write very nice book Start with why. Will reference this book just under if you are interested. So ask yourself what is my why what is my deepest mission to success my life self-accomplish  and all.

2nd thing is to build very interesting offer to your customer you have method and tools for it for example you have to ask yourself what is your customer pain and gain.
Let me explain the pain is how much your customer trying to accomplish the task he wants to be done.
Your customer for example want to do / want to cook so he need to buy ingredients to by kitchen utensils to cut vegetables he need to prepare things and of” course he need to know how to cook this wonderful dish but if he doesn’t know he will go to restaurants that why he is going to restaurant for example. Of course, you are going to enjoy your time.

So what is the pain of the customer because our customer achieve one thing he is facing lots of problem and pain and you opposite of that you are providing the solution you are providing the pain killer. So you have to aware about that thing to build your offer accordingly.
[This is the transcription of the 5 first minutes of this podcast]